Corporate Governance

Nila Pharmaceuticals Limited strictly adheres to the rule of law, ethics and Corporate Governance. We are registered with the Pharmacy and Poisons Board whose rules and regulations are followed to the letter. We are responsible and accountable to the government and the county authorities. We pay all the licences and taxes due to them. We are environment friendly and conscious and we follow the laid down procedures for destroying expired drugs through the watch of Pharmacy and poisons Board. We conduct our business with the highest standards of honesty and integrity. We are therefore trusted by all the major international pharmaceuticals companies represented in the country as their major distributors. i.e Glaxo Smithkline, Phillips Pharmaceuticals, Laborex, mac Naughon, Harleys, Bayer East Africa, Goodman Agencies, Galaxy, Kulal. Cosmos, Globe, Metro, Sai Pharma, Highchem, Cosmos among many others.

"Ethics at the Core, Integrity in Action — Nila Pharmaceuticals Limited: Guiding Progress through Exemplary Corporate Governance Practices.

Sole Appointed Agents

We are the sole appointed agents for:
Mega LifeSciences PCL (Thailand & Australia), General Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Bangladesh), Globela Pharma PVT Ltd( India), Axa parenterals Ltd (India), Medo Pharma PVT Ltd (India), Blue Map Pharmaceuticals (India), HLL Lifecare Ltd ( India), Westcoast Pharmaceuticals Ltd(India), Lignum Vitae Health Africa Ltd, Win Pharma Ltd, Hi Tech Solutions, Avacare Kenya Ltd, Brawn Laboratories Ltd, Danone Limited, Pickles